Whenever you're ready, we can set you up with credentials so that you can use our API and test the functionality. We don't charge for this sandbox usage.

Our pricing is designed to be transparent. Once you know the functionality that you need, we can confirm pricing based on the two options below. These fees cover the technical infrastructure that we build and maintain, and the work we do to clean and enrich raw data in order to make it more useful.

We don't charge implementation or setup fees. If you require a custom contract (rather than accepting our Developer Terms), we may charge a fixed monthly fee in addition to the fees below.

If you simply want API access to your own data, check out how to create a Personal App. We don't charge any fees if you're accessing your own raw data.

Option 1: Pay per call

Pay a fee per call to each API endpoint.

  • /identity: $1.00
  • /accounts: $0.10
  • /transactions (raw): $0.10
  • /transactions (enriched): $0.20
  • /payments: $0.20
  • /transfers: $0.10

Option 2: Monthly user fee

Pay a fixed monthly user fee which covers unlimited fair use of agreed API endpoints. We can present a monthly user fee once we understand the functionality that you require. It will typically be less than $2 per user per month.

We support developers


Join our Slack workspace for developers that are working with our API. This is the fastest way to get support from our team.

Human relationship

You'll be assigned a senior member of our team to support your ongoing use of our API.

Responsive development

We love hearing about your ideas and data requirements. If you want us to extend or modify our API, just ask and we promise a fast response so you're not left wondering.