Account connection FAQs

Akahu builds and maintains data integrations with New Zealand financial insitutions.

Each financial institution has a unique set of customer apps, authentication processes, and security features. And a financial institution can introduce breaking changes without prior notice.

As a result, you may experience issues when connecting an account to Akahu, or maintaining an existing connection. Below are some common errors and ways to address them.

Invalid credentials

You'll need to successfully input your username and password for each account provider in order to connect an account to Akahu. You'll receive an error if the username or password is incorrect. 

If you experience this error, verify that your credentials are working properly by logging in directly to your account provider online. If you can log in successfully, retry the account connection in Akahu. If you're still experiencing problems, email

Multi-factor authentication

If your account provider requires multi-factor authentication in order to access your account, you'll need to successfully respond to any prompts in order to connect your account to Akahu.

If your account provider has an optional authentication feature, you can choose to log into that account and change the security settings to match your preferences. If you're still experiencing problems with multi-factor authentication, email

Account type not supported

Not all account types are supported by Akahu.

When you successfully connect your account provider to Akahu, you'll see a list of any accounts that Akahu can support. If your preferred account(s) is not listed, it's likely that we don't support that account(s).

If you think there is an error, or if you have any questions, email

Another user has connected accounts to Akahu with the same credentials

Your account provider issues you with unique credentials in order to access your account. Even for a joint account, each account holder will have unique credentials. As a security control, we only allow a single connection to Akahu per set of credentials.

If you receive an error saying that your credentials are already being used, consider whether you have previously connected that account provider to Akahu using a different email address. If so, start the Akahu connection process again using that email address. If you're still experiencing problems, email

An account connection has stopped working

If you have successfully connected an account to Akahu, the connection may subsequently fail.

If you subsequently change your username or password with the account provider, our account connection will fail. If you subsequently change your multi-factor authentication processes with the account provider, our account connection may fail. If one of these situations applies to you, try reconnecting your account to Akahu using your new credentials or authentication details.

If you're still experiencing problems, email

Why did I receive an SMS or email message from my bank

Connecting an account to Akahu may trigger an automatic message from your bank.

Why do I need to enter a PIN

Connecting an account to Akahu may trigger your bank to request your PIN as part of their authentication process.